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Welcome to Bonk Hard Racing!  Adventure racing at its best! -- Bonk Hard Racing organizes top-of-the-line outdoor adventure races for people of all physical levels and goals. 

Whether your niche is trail running, paddling, mountain biking, orienteering or adventure racing, Bonk Hard Racing has the adventure you've been looking for!

What can you expect from a Bonk Hard Racing event?   A well designed course that is dedicated to the core fundamentals of adventure racing - navigating, orienteering, biking, and paddling.   A course that will make you think proir to the race as well as on the course.   We do not incorporate any "chance" or "luck" sections  into our races.  Accurately placed checkpoints, strategic mode changes, and recovery sections form the basis our courses.  Thoughtful route planning, careful navigation, and team strength strategies will help put your team on top!   Find out why Bonk Hard Racing events are TOP NOTCH!    Hope you can join us for a GREAT adventure.


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